The Handwriting on the Wall

I usually don’t pay much attention to graffiti. Most of it is pretty boring nowadays; just some kid trying to let the world know he exists by scrawling his initials in some ornate style. Every once in a while someone will attempt actual graffiti art, but those efforts are few and far between. Usually it’s just initials and gang scrawling as more and more youths turn to more creative forms of expression like vandalism and murder.

But I saw this message scribbled on the back door of a church that I pass while walking through the alley to my apartment. I have no idea what it means, but I like it.

“Fuck Sports Watch Self” with a little “Peace” thrown in on the side like an afterthought. What the hell does it mean? On the surface it seems to be saying that sporting events, whether televised or not, pale in comparison to your actual human existence, so pay attention to your own life, not that of Terrell Owens. Oh, and while you’re at it, be kind to each other.

Or it could be a threat: Hey, you! Stop watching that football game and watch your back, dude, ’cause I’m coming for you, dig? And in a final touch of irony, I bid you peace. Ha ha ha, sucka!

Does the fact that it’s on a church door mean anything? That it’s done in silver paint? Is “Peace” a general wish for the world or just the tagger’s streetname? What the hell does this mean? Something? Nothing? And why am I always looking for a sign?

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