More reasons why reality shows suck...

Prediction: In the next five years, there will be a major global conflict sparked by a reality show. And this incident will be point to as the watershed moment:

'Big Brother' racism denied
LONDON, England (CNN) -- Channel 4 attempted to cool an escalating row over alleged bullying of Indian Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on "Celebrity Big Brother," saying there was no clear evidence of racism.

As the number of complaints to the media regulator topped 19,000 and police probed e-mail threats against housemates, the broadcaster said Shetty had not spoken out about any racism

But there is one upside to this stupid row: Who would have thought we would ever see the names of famed avant garde movie director Ken Russell, third most-talented Jackson Family member Jermaine Jackson, Caucasian-Afroed 70s music star Leo Sayer and aging A-Teamer Dirk Benedict in the same news story?!?

Ken Russell quits Big Brother

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Beenzzz said...

No clear evidence? Are they insane? That does suck!!