My First Brush with Greatness of 2007...

I walked past Tammy Duckworth today. Walked right past her as she was heading toward the elevators in the building where I work and I was heading outside to find an ATM. I should have said something, dammit. I mean, she fought in that stupid war despite how midmanaged she might have thought (or does think) it was. Doing the job she agreed to do and all that. Lost both her legs when her helicopter got shot down. Picked herself up, dusted herself off and ran for Congress. Almost fucking won, too. Became a living, breathing contradiction to all of those conservatives (most of whom have never served in the military) who like to repeat that stereotype that “liberals”(read: Democrats) don’t serve in the military, that it’s the domain of God-fearing, America-Love-It-or-Leave-It Republicans. Stuck it in their face and joined a slew of other Democrats who got out of that battle and said "Something's gotta change." I mean, she served more years in the military than probaby the three Bush, Cheney, Rove, Limbaugh and Rumsfeld combined. At least I KNOW she has more combat time than all of them combined. Yup, Tammy Duckworth walking right past me and I didn’t say a word. She was actually smiling at someone behind me who was holding the elevator door for her, smiling that kind of la-dee-da type of smile, as if to say, “Hey, it’s just another day, gotta work through it.” Walking past me on her prosthetic legs, crutches, just going to work as if there was nothing special about her. Damn, she should have won.

I should have said “Thanks” or “Sorry you lost” or “You rock!” Instead, I walked past and out the building, unsure if I should bother her and acknowledge her. Man, I’m an idiot.

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